Asheville, NC

South Carolina is beautiful this time of year.



As we drove into north into North Carolina, the leaves weren’t quite as pretty. Still, the mountains were beautiful. It made me really miss Vermont, where I went to college. I’ve been pushing for a vacation to Vermont but that’s a different story.



We decided to take the Blue Ridge Parkway into Asheville. It was a longer drive, with a detour but it was worth it. So pretty, but very twisty roads. It kind of reminded us of the Road to Hana in Maui. I was glad that Jason was the one driving!

Many hairpin turns later, we arrived in Asheville.


First order of business – lunch at Laughing Seed Cafe. I’d really been looking forward to eating here and it did not disappoint. While my Harmony Bowl was good


and Jason enjoyed his hempnut buger,


I was most excited to find that they had Kombucha on tap!


See the Buchi tap? That’s not beer; it’s Kombucha! Actually, the waitress explained it to me as “a bacteria” when I inquired about it. The bacteria was so good! A bit sweeter than the Synergy brand without the floaties (aka strands of live Kombucha cultures). Buchi, come to Atlanta. I will drink you instead of beer any day. (Buchi is non-alcoholic by the way.)


After our bellies were filled, we walked around downtown Asheville for a while, stopping at various stores that looked interesting.





Now we’re just chilling in our hotel room waiting for our bellies to start growling again so we can get some dinner. There are a ton of organic and vegetarian restaurants here and I’m really looking forward to eating at some of them.


10 responses to “Asheville, NC

  1. Only in Asheville would you find Kombucha on tap!! We also took the parkway on our way into Asheville on a trip back in 2008. We perhaps took TOO much of it, as I swear we were in that car FOREVER! It is an amazing place and I want to go back to visit. I was there for a wedding (as a bridesmaid) and didn’t have enough time to enough all the area has to offer. If you can make it out to Black Mountain, there’s a cute downtown area with a lot of neat shops to visit.

  2. You know, I have only tried kombucha once and nearly gagged (and I have the strongest stomach of anyone I know.) I wonder if maybe it’s because I shook it up first? I do that automatically with bottled drinks. I should give it another shot since everyone seems to rave about it.

  3. I love, love, love Asheville! I went to college in Charleston, and we drove up there a few times for weekend vacations– so fun and unique! It’s just one of those cities that has such a great vibe. Have a great time!

  4. Josh and I have TOTALLY been wanting to visiting Asheville. The lunch spot looks incredible.

  5. pretty fall pictures! and looks like great food! enjoy your trip!

  6. Asheville does look amazingly beautiful! So funny about the kombucha on tap. ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you enjoyed the rest of your time there!!

  7. I need to visit Asheville! I hope you have a wonderful time ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Beautiful pictures!! Looks like you guys are having a great time – love the fall colors and your big sunglasses – presh!

  9. Wow, it is beautiful there! I have never been, but have always wanted to go!

  10. They sell Buchi at the Earthfare here. I tried it definitely is sweeter than GT’s but still good!