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The weekend is finally here. I am exhausted. My weekend plans include a run with my friend Joan, maybe getting my hair cut and that’s it!

At work the other day, people were ribbing me for not cooking meat for Jason. Even though I’ve reintroduced fish and seafood into my diet, I still cook almost 100% vegetarian at home. That’s not to say that I’m never going to cook a piece of fish or some shrimp; I just haven’t yet since I started eating fish again.

When I cook vegetarian at home, Jason has three options. He can eat what I make, he can eat what I make and add his own meat to it or he can make himself a completely different meal. We’ve talked in detail about this and he’s totally fine with it.

But some people at work aren’t. I’m not sure why my semi-vegetarianess always seems to be a topic of conversation, but it does. Several people were telling me that I should make meat for Jason. They thought that I should cook the vegetarian meals but then also cook the meat for Jason. I’m not a big cook. Cooking a meal that tastes good isn’t the easiest thing for me. I’m really not about to cook two meals. My husband is not going to die if he doesn’t have meat every night.

This woman that I work with recounted a story. I think her point was men like meat, but I got something totally different out of it. She told me that her husband was on blood pressure and cholesterol medicine. She decided to make something (I forget what it was) with smoked turkey instead of ham because she wanted to cook something healthier for him. He said that it wasn’t as good and that he can eat the ham because he’s on the pills! Talk about masking the problem!

Roni, from Roni’s Weigh had a great post about this. Just as she feels like she shouldn’t have to apologize for cooking healthy, I feel like I shouldn’t have to apologize for cooking vegetarian (and healthy.) I’m not saying that eating meat is unhealthy. I don’t think that. But I do think that going meatless a few meals a week is good for anyone, and it’s certainly not going to hurt them.

I’m lucky. Jason agrees with me on this. While he loves a good cheeseburger, he’s also fine with a veggie burger at home. I guess you could turn my argument around and say that what if Jason only cooked meat, isn’t that the same thing? Well, no, it’s not. While I have made a conscious decision to not eat certain foods, Jason still eats the food that I do eat.

What do you think?

Edited to add – I hope this post doesn’t come across as me being upset at my co-workers or anything, because I’m not. I just really wanted to hear other people’s opinions on the matter.


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  1. “Men like meat.” Yeah, there’s an argument… newsflash: some don’t! I can’t believe people sometimes…

    I’m not a vegetarian, but I do tend to make us separate meals because of my gluten intolerance. Making two meals isn’t a big deal to me, but he will help me by making his meat choice on the grill or doing other things in the process. Plus he always does the dishes, which is the part that I HATE!

    I have coworkers that are constantly making comments about how I eat – both the gluten omission and the large amount of veggies/fruits that I eat during the day. I used to let the attention get to me, but now I just simply acknowledge their comment and pretend they didn’t say anything in the first place.

  2. I think people want to judge me before I can judge them! The only difference is, I don’t judge them! I HATE this conversation with others. It is absolutely crazy! Tony and I have had this conversation for years. I think people should eat they way they want to (within their health goals). You know I cook meat, but I grew up doing so and am perfectly comfortable with it. I can see how someone like yourself is not comfortable with it, since you are only making it for someone else and well, you never really cooked it before. You are right with how you feel and the fact that Jason is on board…well, that is just a bonus! Your co workers need to mind their own business! Oh and no you shouldn’t eat meat just because Jason cooks it!

  3. I think this is a really interesting post because I often feel like defending myself when people comment on what I’m eating for lunch or baking. Like when I brought in muffins (pumpkin chocolate chip) and happened to mention they were vegan — I’m not vegan but the muffins were — suddenly people were like, ‘Hmm… I’m sure they’re okay but…’


  4. I think it’s none of their business. I hate to be blunt, but you have to do what works for YOU and JASON. If he’s okay with the cooking, then it’s all good.

  5. I definitely think that you shouldn’t apologize for cooking vegetarian meals. If Ryan wants meat, he knows that he can buy it himself and cook it himself…and for that reason, he usually doesn’t go through the trouble! I think there’s this false idea that people, but men especially, “need” meat at every meal, and it’s just so not true.

  6. I think you are right, and that it is not anyone’s place to tell you that you should cook meat for your hubby 🙂

  7. What a good post…and you shouldn’t have to appologize. I am on the cusp of going vegetarian, and when I am home with just my duaghter I almost always just cook vegetarian. I had to laugh when I read this because I told my mom what i was making and she said, “Won’t your husband be upset you aren’t making any meat with your risotto?” And I just laughed and said he could fix something himself.

    While I still eat meat, especially if is the only option, I am slowly working it out of my diet. I think this scares my husband. I would love to hear about what you guys talked about when you discussed the who makes what conversation.

    • We’ve only been married since June, and we dated for 3 years before that. During that entire period, my diet always leaned towards vegetarian. I did eat chicken for a while, along with fish, but I haven’t eaten red meat or pork since I was like 15. So, he sort of knew what he was getting into, in regards of my eating habits, from the get go.

  8. The post didn’t come across to me that way at all.

    I’m very thankful that Peter is open to eating whatever I make. He will do vegetarian meals fine. I always say I’m not a short order cook. Its not cruel at all.

  9. I think people view food in different mindsets and some people can’t accept vegetarianism or veganism. One of my former roommates never understood that I didn’t eat meat (when I was a vegetarian) and kept trying to get me to eat meat or animal products. I think that you and Jason have a good system and you guys should do what’s best for you two. Just tell them you have a system that works for you and your husband.

  10. Hi – I work with Lee and I think some are taking this the wrong way. When we make comments it’s all in good fun – not judgmental. I just wanted to clear this up for any of you who think we are horrible people or that we are intolerant. We’re not. Just wanted to clear the air on that fact – much like it doesn’t make Lee a terrible person or intolerant when she gives me grief about my daily Monster intake. It’s all in a good fun here at work and we totally respect the way she eats – we just like to make fun of the things with the funny names.