Saturday Tales

I don’t know what’s wrong with me lately, but I seem to have turned into a total homebody. Possibly because the past month or so has been so busy, but all I really wanted to do this weekend was stay at home. Yesterday I did a 3 mile treadmill run. I got some Lululemon shorts for Hanukkah and, of course, they were riding up. Not as bad at the Nike Tempo shorts, but they still rode up. They were just a lot cheaper than the capris and I felt bad wanting the more expensive item. According to the Lululemon person, shorts need to be shorter not to ride up if you have larger thighs (I did not like that she thought my thighs were larger, but, really, they are) and I just didn’t feel comfortable in their short shorts. These will still work fine for the elliptical and weight training, just not running. Having larger thighs does create a problem when buying clothes. I’m not so self conscious about my thighs themselves, but it gets really old when every time I try on a pair of pants, they are too big in the waist if they fit in the thigh and if they fit in the waist, they are like skin tight in the thigh.

Whoa, tangent there!

Earlier this week, I realized that I hadn’t gotten my hair cut since months before my wedding (in June), so I made an appointment. I wanted to keep it long, but get it cleaned up a bit. I always have them straighten it, because it’s such a pain for me to do myself. Then I make myself hold out on showering for as long as possible, or Jason complains about the smell. Kidding, kidding. Sort of.


I wear glasses when I drive. I think this might be one of the few pictures of me in the glasses, since I typically do not take pictures of myself when I drive. I was at a light though. I promise. After my hair appointment, I stopped by Macy’s to look at coats. Although that houndstooth coat is cute, it’s like over 2 years old and I’m sick of it. We have a ton of Macy’s credit from returning wedding gifts, so I figured why not get a coat there? Don’t tell my mother that I’m exchanging my wedding gifts for clothing! I went to the Macy’s by my house which totally sucks and they didn’t have much selection at all. So, now I’m on a mission for a coat. Especially since Murphy handed me a 25% Macy’s coupon! I swear. He got into the mail on the table and brought some over to me and low and behold, it was a couple. Such a smart and money saving dog!

We didn’t have much food in the house and I didn’t feel like going grocery shopping, so I tried to find a recipe using something we did have – lentils. A quick search on and I found Red Lentil Curry. I cooked my lentils as directed and was kind of shocked to find that they had turned to total mush when they were done. Apparently, split lentils, which I used, do that. They looked like oatmeal, but tasted like lentils.


Despite the fact that this looks like baby food, or maybe refried beans, it was actually very flavorful and good. A winner. Now, I’m off to a different Macy’s on my new coat mission.


10 responses to “Saturday Tales

  1. In the cold chilly weathers, I crave “baby food” type of things. Your red lentil curry sounds very good right now.

    You look adorable in the glasses! But you need a pic of you AFTEr the hair cut! 🙂

  2. even though i’m pretty petite overall, my thighs/butt are definitely the biggest part of me and it can make me self-conscious. but then i think about it and i’d rather be bigger there than carry weight in my stomach or hips.

    if you like your hair straight that much you should consider taking the plunge and doing thermal reconditioning – changed my life! (well, at least my hair). the only downside is the cost (about $600-700/year). i consider it a necessary expense at this point, though.

  3. I also hate that shorts ride up while running & my thighs will chafe…grossss. So, I rock the capris 🙂

    I finally made an appointment for a haircut, it’s probably been MONTHS for me!

    Since I live in New England where it’s perpetually cold, I take function over fashion (unfortunately) and stock up on North Face coats…I’m slightly obsessed.

  4. that looks yummy!

    i’ve come to peace with the fact that my thighs will always be big. i’m not at my ideal weight but even when i dipped a little below it, they were there. genes are genes. my calves are big too but at least those are “the better stuff” (i.e. big from muscle).

  5. Love the hair! I wish I looked that cute in glasses but I don’t so I stick with my contacts. I’ve turned into a homebody too. I’ve found that I don’t have a lot of energy to go out. I’ve just wanted to run around in yoga pants with no makeup…if only that was Vogue.

    And my thighs are huge and I struggle to find pants that fit in both the thighs and waist. So I feel your pain about the shorts riding up. I typically wear capris which really alleviates the problem.

  6. Your hair looks great, Lee. I think your coat is super cute but understand your want for a new one. I have a weakness for cute coats. Do you know I’ve never made lentils? I’m going to put an end to that this winter!

  7. Cute hair 🙂 I like to run in capris for the same reason.