Spring Races

Even though it’s really, really cold out and the last thing that I want to do is run outside, I’ve definitely started to think about spring races. Despite this major cold snap that seems to be taking over the state, winters in Georgia aren’t usually too brutal and training for a spring race is a lot easier than training for a fall race during the summer.

First things first – races that I’ve signed up for. I’ve done a spring half-marathon every year since 2006. Charlottesville and three ING Georgias (which is now called Publix Georgia and is completely throwing me off since I used to refer to the race not as the GA Half-Marathon, but as the ING.). I’ve tossed around the idea of running a half in the DC area, where my parents live for a while now. I thought long and hard about scrapping the GA race and doing the National Half instead which is also in March, a weekend after the GA. But when it came time to register, I decided against it and went with the old standby – the GA half. A friend of mine wants to do it with me and apparently, I get some special shirt since this will be the fifth year that I’ve done it (I did the full the first year). So, yes, a shirt won me over. Not that I don’t have enough running shirts. And the GA Marathon shirts are awful. They’re shaped all wrong – like an upside down triangle if that makes any sense. Super unflattering even if you don’t have bigger hips and I’m kind of hippy. So, that was my long-winded way of saying that I’m signed up for the 5th Annual Publix Georgia Marathon on March 20th. I’m definitely thinking about doing a different half in the DC area after April though. Any suggestions?

Then there are races that I’m thinking about but haven’t signed up. The first is the Charles Harris 10K. This race starts less than a mile from my front door. Unfortunately, it doesn’t end in the same spot, which would have been nice. It’s a boring race but it’s fast and flat and a good Peachtree qualifier. Aside from the Charles Harris, my sister and I have talked about running the Tar Heel 10-miler in Chapel Hill, NC. She goes to school in Raleigh and I’ve been meaning to go visit her up there anyway.

Then there is the Peachtree which I do every year. And that’s all I have planned so far. Granted it is only December!

With running on the brain, I braved the icy roads and went to the gym for a treadmill speed workout. I did a short and sweet run. 4 x 400 with runs at 6.5mph and recovery jogs at 5.0mph. Then I did some ab stuff.

I’d planned on making something from the Skinny Bitch Cookbook for dinner, but traffic was an absolute nightmare and I didn’t get home until almost 7:30. The thought of not having dinner until nearly 9 by the time I got everything together was not appealing, so when Jason offered to pick up some Chinese take-out, I was all for it.

I grew up eating a lot of Chinese food. Through the years, I’ve learned that eating healthy at a Chinese restaurant is super easy. In fact, I’d venture to say that it’s one of the easiest cuisines to make healthy choices. I always start off with a soup.


Most Chinese restaurants have a healthy section right on the menu. Sometimes it’s labeled “diet” and sometimes “spa” but it’s always steamed veggies with your choice of protein with sauce on the side. I chose tofu with mixed veggies.


This is, in fact, not steamed because Jason ordered me the wrong thing, but pretend it is!

A lot of Chinese restaurants now-a-days offer brown rice. Unfortunately, the one that Jason picked up food from did not. In my opinion, white rice isn’t bad for you if you watch your portion size (same with brown, really) and is something that you can definitely have with your entree. I’m not a huge fan of rice with Chinese food for some reason, so I usually don’t eat it.


19 responses to “Spring Races

  1. I love getting light dishes from Chinese take out. They taste fabulous still and are healthy.

    Wish I could help with the race decisions.

  2. I love Chinese food, I need to find a good take out place where I live now that isn’t PF Changs because that is bank account breaking. Although, I never order anything healthy, haha.

  3. I agree – my lunch yesterday came on a bed of brown rice and I ate very little of it. A lot goes a long way and they always serve too much!

  4. Sounds like you have some great races to choose from and look forward to!

  5. Sounds like you have some great races to choose from and look forward to!

  6. Okay so here’s a reallllly dumb question – when you get tofu at Chinese restaurants, do you ask for it cooked a healthier way? I got tofu stirfry takeout this weekend, and it looked fried, but I didn’t know how to specify for them to cook it….but it was delicious. 🙂

  7. Did the race people tick off ING or something? I’m having a hard time not calling it the ING too.

    I missed out on having a sister. It sounds like you two have a lot of fun together.

  8. I would definitely choose a race for a 5 year shirt! That is really cool you have done it so long.
    Sorry I missed your tweet last night about the Alexandria half. I haven’t heard of it, but I would definitely do it with you!

    • I think it’s fairly new. I’ll see if I can find more info on it. I’d love to do a DC race and I think the National Half just isn’t realistic.

  9. oh wow – I wish I wasn’t a huge fan of rice but, it’s my favorite thing with Chinese food and all cuisines really!

    WOW – you have so many races planned – that’s awesome! I bet the chapel hill one would be SO pretty!

  10. Wow, those are a lot of races!! I’m inspired by you to figure out what race or races I want to do next year now too. Hmmmm! And PS. I totally had chinese food last night too and found it wasn’t too hard to find something healthy but still tasty. Surprisingly so!

  11. CHAPEL HILLLLLLLL come on it would be very exciting 🙂 i would love to have you over for dinner or we could go out!

    as for your resolutions, i like! and as for your detox post, i need to do this. i have been eating very junkily lately and i need to break the cycle.

    • If my sister trains for it like she said she would, we’re definitely doing it. I’d love to meet you. We’ve known each other online for what, like 6 years or something?

  12. I am still debating which half to do. The timing is right in the one you are racing!

  13. those are all great races! that’s great that you do peachtree–i’ve heard such great things about it!

  14. I would totally do the GA half for that special t-shirt, that is so cool!