Sushi Chefs

I did something fun and different last night.


What’s so fun and different about eating sushi, you ask? We made it ourselves! Our friends Emily and Brian invited us over to have a sushi making party.


We had tuna, salmon and imitation crab as well as green onions, zucchini, cucumber and carrots. Brian cooked some sushi rice in his rice cooker and then put some vinegar on it and let it cool. After it cooled, we patted the rice down on some seaweed, put our fillings in and rolled it up.

We took turns making the rolls and I think they turned out great, especially considering Jason and I had never done this before. Take a look at our handiwork.





Pretty professional looking if you ask me! I really enjoyed doing this. I find that most of my social life involves going to restaurants and it was a really nice break to actually cook in someone’s house.

In other news, In My Tummy got a bit of a makeover. Please click over if you are reading in a reader to check it out. I decided that since I’m a graphic designer by profession, there was no reason that my blog needed to be so ugly! So I switched it up a bit. I’m happy with the results. Looks much friendlier.


24 responses to “Sushi Chefs

  1. Love the blog makeover! And those rolls really do look professional. I’ve always been so intimidated by making sushi but maybe I’ll give it a try in 2011 🙂

  2. Your blog looks great! 🙂 Good work. Also good work on the sushi. It looks delicious.

  3. Your blog makeover looks so awesome!! Andrew and I used to make our own sushi when we first started dating. We have everything to make it, but haven’t in a looooooong time. I think we got lazy. We’ll have to do that after the baby is here and I can eat sushi again.

  4. I love the new blog look!! And I have ALWAYS wanted to make my own sushi!

  5. Very nice! I need to get it together for a blog makeover too.

    I also want to get a sushi making kit. I made it once at a friend’s house too, and it was so much fun!

  6. Looks great! Congrats.

  7. I like your new digs! Your sushi is really pretty too. I’ve never been very good at making the kind with the rice on the outside, nice job!

  8. LOVE the new look!!! And your sushi looks absolutely delicious.

  9. I miss sushi! I need to make some vegetarian sushi as soon as possible. I have a fancy sushi roller and everything! (What are those things even called?!)

  10. Ooh! A sushi party! That sounds fun. My mom hates making sushi because it’s so tedious, but it would be a snap if you got a group of people to make it together.

  11. First, the blog looks great! Nice work!

    Secondly, I would have LOVED to crash this party. I love sushi, but wouldn’t even know where to start when making it myself. Looks like a blast.

  12. Great bloggy changes! And the sushi totally looks professional! What a fun get together

  13. Wow! Your rolls look so professional! Will you judge me when I tell you that I eat sushi with a fork?

  14. LOVE the new look, my dear! Very fresh and fun. And totally jealous of the sushi making party, it turned out great! And now I officially wish I had some sushi right now. Yum.

  15. wow! making your own sushi is very impressive- i totally do not have the skill for that! it takes too much patience!

  16. I love the new look! The sushi looks awesome and sounds like such a fun (and delicious) time!

  17. I love the new layout- though it definitely did not look ugly before!

    I really have always wanted to make my own sushi! I just don’t really know at all what I am doing, I need some lessons!

  18. Really like the new look–very fresh!

  19. I actually went out for sushi tonight and I can honestly say your rolls look just as good (if not better!!!) than the ones I had at the restaurant! I’m so impressed!! I’ve never made my own sushi before because it’s one of those dishes that seems so intimidating.

  20. Your rolls look perfect!!!

  21. Homemade sushi always taste so much better! It is quite a process but totally wroth it!