It’s Official

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen this tweet this morning.

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I am lucky enough to have both today and tomorrow off, so I figured I’d be productive and get something done that I’ve put off for almost six months. Any guesses to why I’d be at the Social Security Office and then at the DMV? Yup, I finally changed my name.

I’ve been going by my new last name since we got married in June, but officially, I still had my last name. This caused some major confusion when I started my new job, because not only did I have a different last name on my paperwork than they knew me by, but I also had a different first name since Lee is a nickname. The HR person isn’t in our Atlanta office so she’s never actually met me and she was seriously confused.

The whole process took about two hours which wasn’t so bad. It helped that the DMV was like five miles down the road from the SS office. My old last name is now my middle name.

If you are married, did you change your name? If so, did you keep your middle name or did your maiden name become your middle name? If you aren’t married, what would you do?


15 responses to “It’s Official

  1. I have been married once before, and that time I took his last name and kept my middle as it was. When I got divorced I changed back to my maiden name. If I get married again, I will still take his last name but definitely bump my maiden to the middle because I super love the cursive “L” and would hate to lose it again! 🙂

  2. I changed my name and kept my maiden as my middle, and I always sign with both. It took me almost a YEAR to officially change it though, ha! I’m kind of slow like that 🙂

  3. Congrats lady! I did the same thing. Waited 6 months to change my name at the SS office. Now I still need to change my drivers’ licence and passport but I want to get a haircut first, as silly as that sounds. I kept my previous last name as a second middle name, it’s very unique and no sons were born in my family so it will die out with me and my cousins. 😦

  4. Did you change your first name to Lee officially, or just your last name? When my dad married my mom, they hyphenated their last names, so he changed his last name to the hyphenated one & changed his first name legally from Gerald to Jerry, since he never went by Gerald.

    When I get married, I’ll either keep my full hyphenated last name instead of my husband’s name or I’ll drop it completely.

  5. You’re doing well. It took me 2.5 years to get my name changed on my S.S Card, license, and bank accounts. I just got my passport updated this July. I never realized what a job it would be to get it all changed.

  6. Ouch – I hope you made it out alive!

    Merry Christmas Eve!!!

  7. It took me forever to do it…like 6 months like I told you on FB. I actually had a REALLY hard time changing my name. I felt like I was losing some part of myself. I thought about hypenating but it would have been too long! So I compromised and moved my maiden name to my middle name. But I won’t lie I actually shed a few years over it and it took me almost 6 months to finally go throw with it. Is that weird??

  8. Nice! I still have to make it to the Social Security office, hahahaha. I am just keeping my new last name. I love my maiden name but it has an apostrophe, so that plus a hyphen would be too much. I may change it to my middle name when I have children.

  9. Girl have I got a story about names. I’ll try to keep it short. I’ve had 3 last names but only been married once.

    1. I was born with my B last name. It was the name of my father that he got from his biological father. His bio father divorced his mother and left her with 3 small kids under the age of 5. Two years later, she remarried the man I know as my grandfather with the last name of T. He legally adopted the two youngest kids because they were too young to remember bio dad B. He wanted my father to wait until he was old enough to make that decision to be adopted since he fully remembered his bio B dad. Dad wanted to wait until he found his bio B dad, too.

    2. Dad decided when I was 6 years old to seek out his bio B dad. He did. It did not go well. He came back home and immediately started the process to let Grandad T adopt him and change his name to T and change my mom’s married name to T and my birth name to T. So, I was born with bio Grandad B’s name, but it got changed when I was 6 to adoptive Grandad’s T name.

    3. I got married and moved my maiden T name to my middle name and took on my husbands P name. So, I’m Katrina T P. Ha…tp…lovely.

  10. I didn’t change my name for a few reasons: 1. Laziness. 2. My name is a cool alliteration now. 3. He has a very common last name and my name is very unique, making it easy to google myself and other fun things. And 4. Most importantly, my husband is not Jewish and has a super not-Jewish name. So with the first name Elizabeth I would hate that I would have no Jewish identity in my name. All of those reasons sound stupid written out, but they make sense to me.

    • I have thought about how no one will know that I am Jewish now because I took my [non-Jewish] husband’s last name. My maiden name was very Jewish sounding.