White Christmas!

It was a White Christmas here in Atlanta. First time since the 1940’s! (I heard that somewhere, but Jason said it was the first time since the 1800’s!) Now, I know that my Northern friends are going to laugh at our “snow,” but keep in mind that I do live in Georgia! I’m kind of laughing at it myself, being that I lived in Vermont for four years.



Fortunately, the roads weren’t bad and I was able to celebrate Jewish Christmas.


You better believe there was also Chinese food involved, although I didn’t take a picture. My friend Danny was an honorary Jew for the night, as he was in town, and we went to see The Fighter and then for Chinese. Christmas can be sort of lonely when you are Jewish and your family is far away (and your husband is working) so I was glad that I had a friend to hang out with. This was actually the third movie that I’ve seen this weekend. I also saw Black Swan and Inception (on dvd).

Although I’m sad that the 4-day weekend is ending, I am pretty excited because my friend Mariam and her husband are coming to visit next week for New Years. They live in London. Mariam and I went to high school together and I think we haven’t seen each other in about eight years. They had to reschedule their flight, I think due to snow, so I’m not exactly sure when they’re arriving, but in any case, I’m excited about it.

I didn’t work out yesterday. I briefly thought about going for a run outside, but since I have absolutely no experience running in snow, I scrapped that idea. At least, that’s what I told myself! Today, however, I got my butt to the gym and did a 3 mile run on the treadmill.

Like I said last week, I’ve been trying to run faster. It’s so easy to run at a comfortable pace (which for me is about 10:20) but I’m trying to save that for my long runs. Today, I ran the first mile at 10 and then the second two at 9:40 and you know what? It was fine! Sure, I felt like I was running a little faster than normal, but I didn’t feel like I needed to stop or slow the pace down. It might have helped that I had a new playlist on my ipod. I decided to make a playlist called “College Faves”. The playlist included:

• Dave Matthews Band
• Ben Harper
• The Samples
• Guster
• Rusted Root
• Phish

I might have been a bit of a hippie back in my college days. Want proof?


This was actually the summer before Freshman year of college, but my stylish ways remained the same all four years. What was I thinking? And why didn’t I tame my eyebrows?!


23 responses to “White Christmas!

  1. LOVE that hippie pic!! Too cute!

  2. Haha! Awesome picture 🙂 Peace, love, & happiness all the way!

  3. I feel the excitement. I loved seeing snow. I heard since the 1880s or something like that. Kind of crazy.

    Glad you had a good day! And love the Jewish tradition of a movie and Chinese food. Sounds like a great way to spend a night.

  4. Hey Lee! So glad that you had a good Christmas and weren’t lonely! So funny about the snow. I love your hippie college playlist – I listened to a lot of the same!! 🙂

  5. Great photo — so fun looking back! Glad you had a relaxing weekend. It was perfect weather to stay warm with movies.

  6. Love the flashback photo! Glad Georgia got some snow – I think I saw on the weather channel, something about 1st snow since 1900 on Christmas or something…

    In NH, we’re in the process of getting dumped on – saying 8-12 inches

  7. Wow, I bet people were lovin the snow in Georgia. Or freaking out since it rarely ever happens!
    We had a white Christmas too 🙂
    Happy Holidays!

    • People liked it because it was Christmas, but normally whenever the forecast calls for snow, people freak out. We sometimes get ice during the winter, but rarely get any snow that accumulates.

  8. Aw, Phish! I still smile when I listen to ‘Heavy Things.’

  9. Love the pic! How did you like the figther? I can’t wait to see it- I love Mark Wahlberg!

    All of this snow in the south is bananas!

  10. I just shoveled out a foot of snow in 40 mph winds ha….I wish we had yours!

  11. I heard it snowed over you way! SC just got flakes, but nothing stuck at all. How was Black Swan??

  12. The snow was awesome! Wish we had gotten MORE though.

    Your college playlist looks identical to mine. So does that shirt. 🙂 I’m going to have to dig out some Phish now. It will be a nice change from the Barbara Streisand Christmas album.

  13. I can’t believe in snowed in Atlanta! How exciting, especially on Christmas. I’m glad you had a great holiday and I’m jealous you were able to see Black Swan! I want to see that, but I don’t know which of my friends would want to…

  14. That picture is classic!! Glad you had a good “Jewish” Christmas…chinese food and the movies sounds like the perfect day!

  15. Wow, snow in Georgia! How fun.
    What did you think of The Fighter? I’d like to see it since I’ve been hearing so much buzz about it, but I’ll probably have to wait until it comes out on DVD.

  16. Alabama got it’s first measurable white Christmas since the 1800’s. And I was in MS. I missed it and I’m still considering therapy for the loss. My only thread of hope is we might see more snow in Jan since we had it so early in December. I did see plenty of snow in the air on Sunday, but the wind blew the dry stuff back into the air and it never stuck anywhere.

  17. That picture is amazing. And hippie music is the best music, although I usually listen to crappy pop when I run.

  18. My family in Athens got about 3 inches. Snow is a big deal down there!