Blog Addict

My google reader used to always be 1000+ and while I managed to keep up with my favorite blogs, some others that I also liked would inevitably get skipped. Recently, I decided to go about my blog reading in a different way. First I organized all the blogs I read into the following categories:

• artsy
• Atlanta bloggers
• favorites
• food blogs
• running blogs
• randoms

Then I started taking advantage of the mark all as read button. If my reader gets to 100+, I just mark all as read. Sure, I might miss a post or two from some of my favorites, but this really gives me more variety. The next time I open my reader, there might only be five new posts, so I’ll read those which might be a blog that I might have skipped before.

How do you go about your blog reading?

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16 responses to “Blog Addict

  1. I have a compulsion about keeping my ‘unread’ folder at zero so when it becomes unmanageable (like I’m busy or away), I just mark all as read and start over. Nothing is organized, though.

  2. I LOVE YOUR NEW DESIGN! I think I’m a little late but as you read I’ve disappeared for a few weeks. But I think your new design is so much fun 🙂

    I have a list of blogs I love reading and I read them in the order I have them in my bookmarks menu.

  3. I have categories for mine as well (you can see them on the right sidebar of my blog), and generally read by category, then by blog. There are some blogs that I’m VERY far behind on but I prefer not to miss posts. I think by the end of vacation I’ll get caught up. I can do fine with the daily posts; it’s the catch up that’s tough.

  4. While I’ve been on break from school I have been reading tons of new blogs and loving it, but once break is up I’m going to have to get real friendly with that mark all as read button! 🙂

  5. saw the comment a few up.. i love the new header, too. your page looks great! i organize my reader similar to you. i mark all as read ALL the time now. i only read blogs if i have time. i love to read blogs, but work is crazy and i have to prioritize my free time. i do miss reading them all, ALL the time!

  6. I used to have all my favs in my google reader so I was reading the same thing everyday. But now I force myself to add new ones ( like yours) so i remember to read them!

  7. Umm I don’t have a great system. I guess I try to only keep up with blogs that I really care about, but other than that, I only hit “reply all” if I’m coming back from vacation or something. I don’t comment nearly as much as I used to, now that I am more busy, but I still read them all while I’m eating breakfast, on break at work, and at night. Blog addict is good way to describe it!

  8. I added the new Google Reader mobile app on my Droid. Now I read blog posts in elevators, as a passenger in a car, etc. Its made it easier to at least read…even if its not easy to comment on everything.

  9. I do something very similar, actually. It helps keep things much more manageable. 🙂

  10. Having google reader on my iPad has made it more manageable because I can read blogs in bed, on the couch, etc, but I always catch up on my favorite blogs (like yours!) and then mark as read the others.

  11. I don’t have my Reader categorized, but that is a great idea! I think I might steal the “Mark it as all read if over 100” thing. Sometimes if I can’t get to it and come back to see 150+, I kind of freak out.

  12. cute new design!
    i divide and conquer-lots of categories. i do mark all as read ALL THE TIME

  13. I try to keep up, but I will skim through my reader. I only comment when I have something to say. I don’t want to just comment just so my name is up there. I like how you say you are not so organized, but dang, you have your stuff together!

  14. I try to go through my reader at regular intervals and if there is a blog that I have begun to get bored with, I actually delete it from my reader. I don’t want any more blogs than necessary clogging it up. And if I am behind by over a 100 posts (which happens if I don’t read for a couple of days), I will go through my favorites and mark a lot of the others as read. I love that button!

  15. I’ve hit mark all as read a few times. I may need to this week, actually- my reader is updating like whoa ! Categorizing is a good idea.

  16. I’ve never used Google Reader…. I have all my blogs open in my tabs!!! I love reading blogs tho and I just go through the blogs tab by tab : )