Taking it to the ‘Mill

Initially, I was going to run my 6-mile long run with my friend Joan. But when I woke up this morning and saw that it was 22 degrees out, that plan got scrapped pretty fast. I will be the first one to admit it, I do not like running in extreme temps. You may laugh, but 22 degrees qualifies as an extreme temperature to me. As does 88 degrees. Basically, I’ll run outside if it’s between 40 and 80 degrees. Since I live in Atlanta, this is a good chunk of the winter, spring and fall months so it’s not that unreasonable. I think I need more cold weather running gear. All I have is a warmish shirt and Nike running tights. It just seems silly because our winter here is so short, but I guess it wouldn’t hurt to have some clothes so I wouldn’t be forced to take it to the ‘mill.

I normally like to get my run over with in the morning so I’ll have the rest of the day to relax. However, because of the impending snow storm (which has since been downgraded to 2-4 inches), I knew that Jason would be at work for a long time and I wouldn’t get to see him so I wanted to stick around the house and hang out with him before he left for work.


It’s totally normal to bring a pillow and an overnight bag to work, right? He works in news, by the way.

Somehow, and this tends to happen to me, I started to read a book in bed and the next thing I knew, it was 3:30 pm. Umm, oops? I had to walk the Murphster and then I set out for LA Fitness. I can handle six miles on the treadmill. It’s about my maximum distance before I lose my mind. I’ve done eight before, but six is really as much as I want to ever do inside.

I do have some treadmill tricks for making the miles go by quicker. One is that I do a 9:1 run/walk ratio. I run for nine minutes and then walk for one. It makes the run go by so much faster when you think, “Oh, I only have to run 5 more minutes before I get a break.” rather than, “I have to run 45 more minutes!” What’s interesting is that while I do this all the time on the treadmill, I really never do it outside or in races.

My second trick is to hop off and switch treadmills mid-run. Seriously, it makes it lot more manageable when you think of the run as three miles and then another three miles.

I also put a bunch of new music on my ipod that my friend Mariam gave me. It was fun to hear new stuff although I’ve learned that Bat For Lashes, which my ipod kept playing, is NOT good running music.

Some people think that running allows them to eat crappy after. I do not agree. While I won’t say that I haven’t had pizza after a long run or race, I really do feel like eating healthy after a run adds to the feeling that I’ve done something good for myself.

So I made dinner. This was much better than the glorified version of bean dip that I ate last night. Real veggies!


This Warm Broccoli and Mushroom salad with Balsmaic Vinegrette with Toasted Israeli Couscous with Chickpeas and Tahini from the PDQ Vegetarian Cookbook. This cookbook is one of my favorites. It’s basically Sandra Lee style, using a lot of prepackaged ingredients. I know that real cooks may scoff at that, but, hey, it’s much better than eating McDonald’s right?

Come on snow, bring it.


14 responses to “Taking it to the ‘Mill

  1. haha- i have the same philosophy on running temps in ATL

    it is SNOWING!!! time to hit the park and check out the sled creativity.

    p.s. try the mussels at the highlander. i hear good stuff things. πŸ™‚

  2. A pillow and overnight bag to work? That’s insane!! Although I’ve had to work such long hours at my job, I’ve thought about bringing an air mattress…

    P.S. Can you believe this snow?!?! We spend the last 2 hours walking around and we crossed over I-75 and you can’t see any lines on the interstate! People are driving all over the place! CRAZY!!!

  3. I think it’s funny that your husband packs to go to work!

  4. It’s so funny to see the reactions to snow in the southern states. I wish snow was a novelty here, too πŸ™‚

    Nice job with the run! Snow forced me onto the treadmill for 13 miles this weekend. The gym’s treadmills only go 60 minutes at a time, so it broke it up into two 60 minute runs, which made things more manageable. I also bugged people at the gym to talk to me and keep me company – haha!

    Have fun in the snow!

  5. 6 miles might be more than I can handle on the treadmill. I can maybe 5, but that’s pushing it. I hate the treadmill more than I could ever say. I can’t wait until spring when it’s warm enough to run outside, I am missing it desperately! If I do have to run on the treadmill though, I change my speed often too to keep from getting that hamster on a wheel feeling.

  6. I’ve pretty much given up on running outdoors again until March or so. I don’t mind the treadmill so much, but then again I’ve never done 6 miles on one.

  7. I’ll run in 88 degrees, but 22? Noooooo ma’am.

  8. I canNOT believe how much snow you guys got/are getting! We literally have no snow on the ground here. BUT it’s supposed to start tonight. πŸ™‚

  9. That sucks that Jason has to be at work during this snow! Enjoy your day off though! And great tips for the treadmill. I used to knock out 6 miles quite frequently on the mill when I was marathon training but now I haven’t run that far since the Peachtree.

  10. Great treadmill tricks! I don’t mind doing intervals on the mill, but long runs make me go blah. Tasty dinner!

  11. dude, I am so glad I read this right now. You think you hate running in “extremes”–I am shivering and falling all over the place trying to run in 40 (!) degree weather in Northern CA this week! Okay, so I just moved from Africa so anything under 80 degrees is cold, but STILL. I am marathon training starting this week and I am just dreading having to do several runs on the mill but your tips are great! Thanks!

  12. Well, Stephen did the same exact thing, except his was a wal-mart bag. The man has about ten company logo duffle bags, and he still hauls around wal-mart bags. His favorite new thing to do is take his clothes in one of the Publix re-usable bags. He thinks those are the best things ever for an overnight trip to see our families.
    He even has the pillow with the white case.
    I’m glad you got the snow! I’m still holding out hope for a few more weeks. By March, I’ll be ready for baseball and flowers.