I think I can speak for most Atlantans when I say that being stuck in the house was fun yesterday. Today, not so much. Most of the city was shut down again today. I took Murphy for a walk to check out the roads near my house.


We attempted to have a photo shoot, but someone refused to look into the camera.




We managed to do “the loop” which is a half mile circle near my house. The roads weren’t great.


But more slushy than icy.


Before this storm paralyzed the city, I had plans to go to Hot Yoga. That obviously wasn’t going to happen, so I decided to do a workout DVD instead.


I’ve only done this Core Fusion DVD once before. It’s broken into five ten minute segments – upper body, thighs, glutes, abs and stretching. The whole thing is very similar to pilates. At least that’s what I thought. Lots of small moves with light weights.

It was hard and I got a decent workout, but I would have much rather gone to yoga. I’m not much for working out at home. I’m much happier going to the gym. I feel like it’s easier for me to get distracted at home.

While I was doing the DVD, I baked a spaghetti squash. I normally microwave them (10 minutes and they’re usually done) but I figured I might as well stick it in the oven so it would be ready when I was done with the DVD. I love eating spaghetti squash because you can eat so much!


I’m all about a big plate of food!

And if you’re wondering, Jason still is not home! The news has basically been on 24/7, although it’s slowing down, so they put everyone up at a hotel so they’d be close to the station, but have somewhere to sleep. As long as he’s safe and sleeping, that’s fine, but I miss him!


25 responses to “Stuck

  1. You’re doing a good job controlling the cabin fever. I’m so sorry you’ve been stuck at home without your hubby. Maybe things will start moving tomorrow?

  2. I love the Murphy pictures – he’s so cute. Sorry to hear that you’re still stuck. We’re supposed to get 12-16 inches by tomorrow night and so I’m pretty sure tomorrow will be a snow day for me. The good part is that we have the plows and salt and experience to deal with it all. I hope that you guys are able to get back to normal soon and that Jason can finally be home!

  3. Sorry he hasn’t made it home yet. You are right, being stuck at home was more fun yesterday, and tomorrow’s gonna be downright painful.

  4. At least we’ll be able to go to yoga next week! 🙂

    I’m so sorry he’s still not home. That really stinks! You think you’re going into work tomorrow?

  5. LOL on the pictures of Murphy. I love when you have the perfect shot then they get up to leave right before the picture takes.

  6. My bigger dog totally gets in moods like that and won’t look at the camera at all!!!

  7. noon start = awesome! you get to feel productive while having a lazy, lovely morning.

    also, just wanted to let you know i tagged you in my post this AM 🙂

  8. I still can’t believe how much snow you guys got!! That storm is hitting us right now. So far they’ve closed all the state offices and declared a state of emergency to keep people off the roads. Which is saying something, seeing as we’re New England, and supposed to be used to the snow.

    I hope your husband gets home soon! I’m glad he has a place to sleep but it must be awful to have him stuck away from you all this time.

    And the photos of Murphy are super cute. My pup does the same thing when I try to take his pictures. I just want him to sit still and pose for me!

  9. Good for you for working out at home since you couldn’t go to yoga. I always mean to do it but rarely follow through. Like you said, it’s just not the same!
    LOVE the doggie photoshoot 🙂

  10. I’m sorry you’re stuck in the house. We are finally getting snow in New England too – we’ve got about 8 inches now – supposed to continue throughout the day.

    I hope Jason gets to come home soon & keep you company!

  11. Murphy is so good lookin! I hope your husband gets to come home soon!

  12. Elizabeth Whitehill

    The squash looks Deeeelish…could you give me some idea of how long you had it in the oven? Do you season it up or just eat is plain? I would love to try it!

    Even though I am seriously allergic to his kind…your doggy looks so sweet and soft!!

  13. Ugh, I agree….I love to be snowed in a day, but last year I was snowed in for 2 days and almost went CRAZY! I just miss being out and about.

  14. I’m stuck too. For a THIRD day. I’ve about Netflixed myself out. Thankfully my apartment complex has a gym because Gold’s has been closed.

  15. That would suck to still be stuck, but it seems you’re making the most of it!

  16. Yeah snow days definitely have a point where they go from fun to “omg I’m gonna go ape shit”. Living in Atlanta must make this 10x worse ha! At least I live somwhere this is the norm, so we’ve had lots of practice in how to get the stuff cleaned up and out of our way.

    Hang in there, take naps, watch movies and enjoy. It’ll be 100 degrees and ungodly humid before you know it!

  17. Haha you weren’t kidding! Murphy really was refusing to look at the camera! So cute!!

    I hope Jason can get home soon!!

  18. I think I would go NUTS if I was stuck inside. I can’t believe you guys got that much snow!

  19. I’ve tried one of the Core Fusion DVDs (though I think it had a dif cover?) – you are going to be SO sore tomorrow! I didn’t feel it at the time and was shocked when it hit me the next day.

  20. even though he wouldn’t look at the camera, he is the cutest!!!

  21. Your pup is adorable! I can get easily distracted during my home workouts too, but I do like working out at home more….I can bust out in some rocking (totaly white girl) dance moves! 😉

    Mmm, I love spaghetti squash!

  22. Working out at home is tough! But can I recommend a few DVDs (that I invested in last year during DC’s snow storm): Jillian Michaels Banish Fat, Boost metabolism ( kicked my ass and Dancing with the Stars Fat Burning Cardio Dance ( looked foolish but it’s fun and an awesome workout.