Mindless Snacking

Okay, the first snow day was fun, the second day was okay but by today, I just wanted to get out of the house! My office opened at noon, but I faced a serious obstacle when I walked out the door.


Although it’s not a big hill, reversing backwards up a sheet of ice proved to be more than my car could handle. So I stayed home. And finally, around 2pm, Jason came home! He had been at work since Sunday afternoon, save for last night when they put him up in a nearby hotel. I was very happy to see him and he was also able to get my car up the driveway and onto the main road.

Looks like I will be going to work tomorrow. I’m just happy to get out of the house. I’m going a little bit stir crazy here.

Remember those muffins that I made the other day? Yeah, these.


Well, yesterday I ate five of them. And I was thinking that it wasn’t really a big deal until I figured out the calorie count for them. They each have 170ish calories. Perfectly decent for one muffin, but five? This, ladies and gentlemen, is why I can’t lose weight.

I have some issues with mindless snacking, especially when I’m bored. So I’m going to try to focus on meals. I want to have breakfast, lunch, mid-day snack, dinner and then maybe a late night snack and that’s it. I don’t know why that’s so hard for me, but it is. All of these little bites and tastes add up!

I just need to figure out a way to ignore the cravings. It’s especially bad in the office where there are little treats around. I’ll take any tips that anyone has to offer.

PS – I put in my tummy on facebook, but now I’m scared to tell anyone that it’s there. Baby steps, I guess! It’s just awkward that I’ve had this blog for almost three years and most of my family and some of my friends do not know about it. It’s like I’m leading a secret life.


30 responses to “Mindless Snacking

  1. I’m glad you were able to make it out of the house. We got about 16″ today. It’s so pretty but it does get old after a while! 🙂 I have the same problem with mindless eating, especially in the office. It seems that over the holidays there were some sort of baked good there everyday! So hard to resist.

  2. Hey Lee! I can imagine that you’re getting a bit stir crazy. I was and it was only a day. I think being without power had something to do with it, though. So glad that Jason is home and you’ll get out tomorrow!

    As for the snacking – its definitely tough when you’re bored. I sometimes will sip on some tea or go for a walk when I know my snackiness is creeping in.

  3. I am SURE you’re going stir crazy! That’s the only good thing about living somewhere where it snows a lot– we have the cars and equipment to handle it, and can still go about our normal lives (for the most part)!

    I’m glad Jason was able to finally come home!!

  4. That’s great that Jason’s home! And that your car can make it out of the driveway. My car is a no-go so far. It’s going to be at least ’til tomorrow P.M. before I can leave…

  5. Whoa – you got it bad! I can’t drive, but at least I can walk places. Sorry. 😦

    I “liked” you on FB. I’m nervous to put Sprint on the FB… probably because I already spend an inordinate amount of time on there. LOL!

    Snacking… I had to stop for 21 days. The whole “it takes 3 weeks to break a habit” works! Not an easy thing though.

    Side note: I just made spaghetti squash too. It’s my new addiction.

  6. I almost don’t want to say this, but I’m jealous of your snow. I’m from CT originally and in DC we do not get a lot of snow. There’s always a ton of build up about potential snow, but then when push comes to shove, nothing.

    And I struggle big time with office treats too. I was thinking after the new year it would be better and there wouldn’t be as much crap around my office – not so.

  7. One thing that’s helped me to snack less is to invision my next meal. So, while I’m eating breakfast I think in detail about what I’m going to have for lunch. Knowing that I have a plan for my next meal keeps me from just stuffing something in my face until I can figure out what I really want. I tend to snack the most when I’m looking through the fridge or pantry for what to make for a meal and just don’t want to think.

  8. Ackkk! Will your family now know about the blog?

    • Well, I didn’t send a link to them or anything, but it’ll be much easier for them to stumble upon it now. I don’t know why I care. I don’t have anything bad on here!

  9. I tell anyone and everyone about my blog!! I’ve never thought to do otherwise! 🙂

  10. mindless boredom snacking – yes. i can totally relate. it’s an issue for me too. as for cravings, believe it or not the only way i can kind of “beat” cravings is load up on veggies for a 5-7 days and cut out dairy and sugar. i know it’s not ideal long term but it seems to ‘reset’ me and then after a few days of that, the cravings I normally get (sugar and salt – double hitter for me) dissapte. and then my body kind of gets in a groove. something to consider anyway – maybe it will help. 🙂

  11. I am really weird about people I know in real life reading my blog…like, they won’t get it, or something. And I snack ALL the time so I’m just trying to be stocked on things like apples and baby carrots that I can snack on instead of cookies at work. Since those are “free” on weight watchers, it seems to be helping keep me from the “bad” stuff, and I think maybe my sugar cravings are less now too?

  12. Hehe, we all go over-board once in awhile 🙂 At least you figured out the calorie count on the muffins!!

    Following you on FB!!

  13. I STILL cannot believe they kept your husband that long! If he gets paid hourly, that’s a crap ton of OT!

    Sometimes I struggle with boredom snacking, too. It’s one of the only reasons I’m glad I don’t work at home! (Though pajamas all day DOES sound nice).

  14. Don’t be embarrassed about it…At first, I didn’t want new friends to know but it turns out that they think its really cool, and actually I don’t even think they care enough to read it ;-).

  15. I hear you – I haven’t added mine to facebook. I’m scared. hehe

    Good for you for trying to get out of the house! I’ve been embracing not having to leave!

  16. UGH! I can’t believe Jason was gone that long. That is crazy!!! As for the snacking, trust me – we’ve all done it! Especially when stir crazy and bored. It’s so easy to do so don’t feel too badly about it. Today is a new day, right? I think your plan is agood one – to eat a regular meal and snacks vs. not being very regular about it. I find that when I am less scheduled on weekends I mindlessly eat more. So I bet once you get onto a regular eating schedule with snacks built in, you will feel much better!

  17. Ohhh I never want my family and friends to know about mine haha… I like having something that they don’t know about, even if it is a secret second life ha.

  18. I’m glad Jason finally came home! And sweetie, I completely understand about the overeating. It’s like a temporary “check out” then bam half the muffins, cookies, brownies, etc are gone! Maybe try freezing them? Then you have to defrost one before you can eat it so it’s more work? I know that’s worked for me before. Good luck and let me know if you ever need to talk!!

  19. Woman…I am going crazy here! I am still hoping to go to the store for a few things this afternoon which will be the first time in 5 days that I have left the house! UGH…I need out if only to the store! I hear ya on the mindless eating, but let’s be honest the days are all starting to blur together here! I hope you made it out safely today and that Jason got some rest in his own bed!

  20. So glad he is home! And I’m the same way when I’m in the house for too long. That’s why if I bake I need to freeze or give it away asap.

  21. I AM such a mindless snacker, especially when I’m stuck at the house. I find the more busy I am, the less I snack.

  22. i have the same snacking issues. I just can not bake, it’s as simple as that. If it’s in the house, I eat it.

    For the office – I have a lot of goodies around very often and it’s hard to turn them down. The only way it works is if I pack a big lunch that includes protein, and plan out my snack. And chew gum, drink tea, etc. Unless it’s Christmas time, then it all goes out the window!

  23. I’m the same with keeping my blog semi-secret, though once I broke the record, it started becoming more public. Now, some of my friends/family know about it and some don’t… but I’m unsure how to break the news, since I feel like you in that it’s almost a double life 🙂