Dinner with Husbands

A few weeks ago, Alayna and I decided that we should get together with our husbands. We both live relatively near each other and like to go to a lot of the same places. We were going to go last week, but the snow made it impossible, so last night we met up at The Brick Store in Decatur.


The Brick Store is a cool bar with a ton of craft and belgian beers on tap. Like most Atlanta bars, they do offer a veggie burger, but I’ve had it before and only thought it was so-so, so I went with my other usual choice. Hummus. I often get hummus for an entree at restaurants. Sometimes I pair it with a salad but usually not. It’s most always enough food, although I had a lot of pita left over.


We stayed there for about three hours just chatting about stuff, sometimes blog related, sometimes not.


Both Jason and I had a really good time, although I was quickly reminded this morning why I don’t normally drink three beers on a Monday night. My head doesn’t exactly hurt but I just do not feel well this morning. I’m going to try to hydrate very well today and then sweat out the toxins at hot yoga tonight. We’ll see how that goes.


20 responses to “Dinner with Husbands

  1. looks like fun!! i LOVE that hummus plate 😀

  2. I love Brickstore, but it is really hard to get out of there with less than 3 beers! Their brie and apple dish is good too. 🙂

    Have you been to The Porter? Owned by the same guys and they have (in my opinion) a better menu.

  3. Yes– if I have even TWO glasses of wine now on a week night, I can feel it the next day and instantly regret it.

    Getting old blows. 🙂

  4. I wish more places around here offered hummus in restaurants…I feel like a lot of the newer, more modern places do, but of course those are the places my family doesn’t like. 🙂

    I am the SAME way with drinking. I swear, I don’t know if that’s I don’t have the same tolerance like I used to, but having just a few drinks really affects me now!

  5. Looks like a great meetup, Lee. I’m glad you had a good time. The fluffy-looking pita has my mouth watering.

  6. I drank 6 oz of wine over the weekend (yeah, I weighed it) and I totally had a headache the next day! Such a lightweight. I know what you mean about yoga sweating out toxins…that’s pretty much why I do Bikram.

  7. I love hummus as an entree! Paired with a salad is perfect!!!

  8. Oooh fun, I’ve never done a bloggy meet up!

    I love pita chips with hummus, I wonder if I could make homemade pita, that would be fun!

  9. I love the hummus at Brick Store Pub! I shared it as an appetizer last time I was there. The arugula salad is also really good 🙂

  10. Looks like a fun meet-up!

    At this point, my tolerance is so depleted, 3 beers would most likely give me a severe hangover.

  11. it may have changed since i lived in the area, but i LOVED the veggie pita at brick store. it included feta which is always a plus. i’ll admit that it had enough dressing on it to no longer be as healthy as a veggie pita sounds but i was a huge fan. loved their steak fries too.

  12. I love hummus plates, too. It tastes good and it’s often the healthiest option on a menu. Hope you’re feeling better!

  13. We had a great time too, and I am also reminded of why I don’t typically have more than 2 drinks in a sitting! Good time though, Brick Store rocks.

  14. I still haven’t been there, am always hearing how good it is! Let us know how hot yoga goes!

  15. That hummus plate looks awesome! I love when restaurants off hummus as an option!

  16. Love hummus! I usually top my salad with a good sized mound of it!

    Sounds like you had a great time. You look so pretty!