Not Soup

My plan to sweat out some toxins at hot yoga last night didn’t exactly come to fruition. Instead, I sweated out the toxins by sitting on the couch and watching Season 1 of Modern Family on DVD. Same thing, right? It wasn’t for lack of trying though. Some blogger buddies (I do not like the term blend) and I had been planning to go to yoga for a while. We finally found a day that worked for everyone and what do you know? The yoga studio changed their schedule and there was no 7:45 pm hot yoga class. Fortunately, we discovered this before going over there.

It was probably for the best because I was still hungover when I got home from work. Seriously, what has happened to me? Three beers and I’m almost out of commission the next day! I’ve become such a softie. If my college friends could see me now! Although, the same thing has probably happened to them.

Since my mom was here this past weekend, I didn’t do my normal Sunday night grocery shopping. I decided to go after work, after my run at the gym. I wanted to make something so I consulted my recipe box on allrecipes while I was at work. I never really noticed before, but apparently I save a lot of soup recipes.


Even though I sometimes order fish or seafood at restaurants, I cook almost 100% vegetarian at home. I guess it’s hard to find vegetarian recipes that aren’t either stir-fry, Mexican casserole (aka some sort of refried bean concoction) or soup. As much as I like soup, I didn’t feel like making it for the millionth time, so I went with the first non-soup recipe that looked good – coconut tofu curry and printed out the recipe.

After my 5-mile tempo run (1 mile warm up at 5.5, 3 miles at 6.0 and 1 mile cool-down at 5.5) at the gym, it was already 7pm. I knew that I would be eating a late dinner. I bought all my ingredients and when I got home, I immediately threw some rice into the rice cooker, so I wouldn’t be tempted to scrap the curry and eat pretzels and cheese for dinner.

I might have still had some pretzels and cheese while I was cooking, but that’s our little secret!


I used spinach instead of bok choy because the grocery store was out. This meal was good, but the Skinny Bitch Curry was much more flavorful. I did like the addition of tofu, however, so maybe I’ll add that to the SB curry the next time I make it.

Writing this post has taken me a good 45 minutes. My computer has suddenly decided to become extremely slow. It’s four years old and I guess that happens, but it’s so frustrating. I bought some new RAM for it which should arrive soon, so hopefully that will help. If not, I’m going to have to get a new computer which I cannot really afford.

Are you a Mac or PC? I’m a total mac snob, which is why I can’t afford a new computer.


28 responses to “Not Soup

  1. Once you go Mac, you never go back. I use a PC for work and definitely prefer my beloved Mac.

  2. Once you go MAC you can’t go back. They are pricey, but outlive most PC’s so it’s worth it.

    Four years is still relatively young for a MAC. Hope the extra RAM does the trick! That must be frustrating.

  3. I’m a softie too. Three beers most certainly puts me over the edge.

    MAC all the way!

  4. My parents have a MAC which I use, but I’m not a huge fan of it! If I get a laptop, I’m probably going to get a PC. I think I’m the only person in the world that wants one 🙂

  5. MAC all the way!! you defs have to learn the tricks, but once you do.. SO MUCH Easier!

  6. I am a PC girl at heart. I hate windows though and would run a Linux box if my work programs (I work from home) were supported! I also dislike the term blend. No me gusta.

  7. That tofu coconut soup sounds AMAZING! I am going to be making that! I am the same way after 3 beers. Every time I feel like crap afterwards I think it’s a fluke…but nope. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m a 1, MAYBE 2, drink wild child these days 🙂

  8. P.S. I’m a PC user because I can’t afford a Mac. Plus, my computer stays at my kitchen island and there’s food all over it. Kinda ick, but I usually wear them out after 18 months and replace them…you can do that when a PC is 1/10th the cost of a Mac 🙂

  9. NOT soup…curry. Dur. Just copied the recipe! Yummmmmm!

  10. I think laughter is detoxifying in its own way, right?

    I don’t like the term “blends” either…glad I’m not the only one. 🙂

  11. I used to be a PC girl, but then my computer crashed right before I moved in with my now husband over two years ago. He has a Mac so I had to start using that. I love it! I am officially a Mac convert. I would never use a PC again.

    And I love Modern Family. Nothing wrong with some serious laughs from season 1.

  12. I think Modern Family is very therapeutic and I’m sure you laughed out some toxins at some point. 🙂 It’s my favorite show!

    I am a PC girl…only because that’s all I’ve ever known. I’m scared to go Mac! I think because I’ve heard how great they are, and I wouldn’t even be able to use a PC again.

  13. Yeah, we’re Mac snobs too. Jeff converted me and now I can’t go back! It does make replacing a computer very expensive though, and every once in a while I’ll want to use some program or something that only runs on PCs.

  14. I think our next computer will be a Mac, but it definitely takes a lot of savings for those babies! I heard Ecto is a pain though.

  15. Mac for me!

    Haha umm… I’m the same way. I went out all last weekend after being stuck inside all week, and by the time Tuesday rolled around, I was just exhausted! Hopefully they don’t change the yoga schedule again and Monday works out… fingers crossed.

  16. Sigh, it’s called getting old. I can no longer drink like I used to either. It’s so upsetting.

  17. I just got the SB cookbook for Christmas – will have to check hers out. I’ve been reading a lot of curry recipes lately!

    My computer was doing the same slow thing, so I got an Macbook Air. It’s great… except that it occasionally won’t turn on. I thought Macs were supposed to have fewer problems?! The Genius Bar and I have a date tonight.

  18. I’ve never had a MAC (other than the cosmetics), but I’m secretly intrigued by them. 🙂

    Hot Yoga should be fun. I keep meaning to go, but always *fail* to actually get there! There’s a new yoga studio near my house (not hot, but regular). I emailed the owner to ask some questions – but she’s not responding back. That seems like bad business…

  19. I am a mac snob as well. Did you like season 1 of Modern Family btw? The girls at work were telling me I need to get into that show.

  20. I would be a MAC user, but my husband is somehow morally opposed to all things Apple. He has no rational explanation why.

  21. Love that pic! You’ve got me wanting to try that SB curry now!

    It took me a while to learn my MAC, but now I can’t think of life without it. I am so lost now on a PC!

  22. I’m a PC girl mainly because all the software I use for work only works on PC computers. Plus I’m really too lazy to learn Mac…