Dinner Guests

Even though our house is still in disarray from our wallpaper project last weekend, we decided to have our friends Andrew and Katharine over for dinner last night. They are good friends of ours but for some reason, hadn’t seen our house yet.

Having dinner guests on Friday, or any weeknight for that matter, is hard. Unfortunately, Jason works on Saturday and Sunday evenings so Friday is pretty much the only weekend night that we can have people over.

Since I don’t get off work until 5:30 and still needed to grocery shop and they were coming at 7:30, I knew that we needed a quick and easy dinner. Enter a build your own taco bar. This is a great meal for guests. For one, you don’t have to do much and secondly, everyone can customize his or her taco to their liking. It also solves the problem of do I make a vegetarian dish for non-vegetarian guests?

We had some crackers and brie to start with. For some reason, these crackers tasted like cookies. It was kind of weird. They were Carr Whole Wheat Crackers.


Then we just put everything else in bowls on the table.


The salsa and queso are jarred but I did make the guacamole. This is hardly a recipe, but it’s easy and tastes good so I’m going to post it anyway.

Easy Guacamole

2 ripe avocados
1/4 cup pico de gallo (I got it in the produce section of Kroger)
1/2 tsp lemon juice
1/4 tsp salt or to taste

Peel the avocados and then mash them with a potato masher. Then mix everything else together. Voila, instant guacamole!


There was also chicken which isn’t pictured for some reason. And we had whole wheat tortillas to wrap everything in. I also picked up something new at the store.


Sweet Corn Cake. This was from a Chi Chi’s mix that was hanging out near the salsa in the grocery store. The ingredient list looked pretty harmless, so I picked it up. It was super easy to make. You just mix the corn cake mix with a bit of water, butter and a can of creamed corn. I’m sure this was not the healthiest thing in the world, but it was sweet and delicious.

Our friends supplied wine and dessert. I was very careful not to drink too much and to make sure that I had lots of water. I had a beer while “cooking” and then two glasses of wine. I completely switched to water around 9:30 or 10 which proved to be a good decision because I feel fine this morning.


For dessert, A and K brought over a box of little cupcakes and pastries from Whole Foods. I had a really good cookie thing that I gobbled up so fast that it didn’t get a picture. That fruit tart is calling my name for tonight’s dessert, I think.


11 responses to “Dinner Guests

  1. Those desserts look grand. And build your own tacos is certainly always a hit.

  2. I’ve had those crackers before, they are really weird. Like eating cheese on a cookie. Those desserts look so good. I always spend too much time in front of the pastry case at Whole Foods.

  3. so wish we had a whole foods! those cupcakes look so yummy!! looks like you had fun!

  4. Whole Foods has the BEST desserts! Have you ever tried the carrot cake? SO FREAKING GOOD.

  5. Crackers that taste like cookies? Those are my kind of crackers! Especially with brie…yum.

  6. WOW those desserts look amazing. I would have completely had a problem just choosing only one!

  7. Everything looks so yummy!
    I may head to Whole Foods now and get some cupcakes, those look AWESOME!

  8. It’s funny because I actually thought the crackers looked like cookies when I first saw the pic! That sweet corn cake sounds delicious. I used to eat creamed style corn by the can when I was younger…so yummy!

    Love your green dishes! Fiestaware?

  9. Ooh…dessert from Whole Foods? Now that’s ending the night with pizzazz.
    I’d love a taste of the sweet corn cake, too. Funnily enough, I’m eating cornbread right now.

  10. I have totally had those Carr crackers… I know what you mean, totally cookie-ish!