Grocery Haul

My intention for yesterday afternoon was to strip glue off the walls (fun!) but somehow the day got away from me. I went to the gym and then to the Farmer’s Market and made dinner and suddenly it was after 9pm and the walls still had wallpaper glue on them. Oops.

I love a trip to the Farmer’s Market. Like I’ve said before, it’s not a traditional farmer’s market at all. It’s more like a big warehouse that sells pretty much any type of produce you can think of, grains, dairy, meats and breads. And it’s cheap!


Here’s what I got:

Brown Rice Syrup
Organic Spelt Flour
Pearl Couscous
Rice Wine Vinegar
3 Chobani yogurts
2 cup of soup type things
2 cans chickepas
Cinnamon Flatbreads
2 organic apples
2 red peppers
package of mushrooms
1 head garlic
1 lb bag organic carrots
2 sweet potatoes
1.25 lb sugar snap peas
2 broccoli crowns
1 acorn squash
2 cucumbers
2 avocados
romaine lettuce
organic dinosaur kale
organic bananas (I don’t typically buy organic bananas, but that’s all they had)
organic eggs
crumbled goat cheese

And guess how much I paid for my loot? $55.26. I love the Farmer’s Market. I also ran into someone that I graduated college with. Considering I went to college over 1000 miles away, seeing someone who went to the same school, much less in my graduating class, does not happen often.

I came home and started dinner. What was on the menu? Soup, of course! My desire not to eat soup for every meal was short lived, apparently. I consulted my “recipes to try” bookmarked folder and came up with Garlic Soup with Quinoa and Snap Peas.

(Recipe from, link above)

1 1/2 quarts chicken stock, vegetable stock or water (I used half low sodium veggie broth and half water)
6 garlic cloves, minced or sliced
4 small or 2 large sage leaves
Salt to taste
1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil (optional)
2 eggs
6 ounces sugar snap peas, trimmed
1 1/3 cups cooked quinoa, warmed

1. Combine the stock or water, garlic, sage leaves and salt in a heavy saucepan or soup pot, and bring to a simmer. Cover and simmer 15 to 20 minutes until the flavor of the garlic is no longer sharp. Taste and adjust seasoning.

2. Add the snap peas to the simmering soup, and simmer two to three minutes until crisp but tender.

3. Beat the eggs in a bowl with the olive oil. Whisk in about 1/2 cup of hot soup. Take the soup off the heat, then whisk the tempered eggs into the soup. Taste and adjust seasoning.

4. Place 1/3 cup of quinoa in each soup bowl. Ladle in the soup and serve.

Yield: Serves four.


This needed a lot of salt, but after I added enough, it was very tasty. It reminded me a lot of egg drop soup.

The plan for today is to do 7 miles with my friend Joan. We’re waiting until it warms up a bit. I am such a cold weather running wimp. I’ve done this race four times in the past, obviously I trained during the winter! I just can’t seem to get into it this time. In my defense, we are having a very cold winter this year.

Oh, and the wallpaper glue, I guess I should do that today too.


24 responses to “Grocery Haul

  1. I am the world’s worst at letting things I planned to do get away from me on the weekend. I think it’s because I plan more than it’s humanly possible to do in one weekend. I’m so jealous of your warehouse farmer’s market. I haven’t been to a farmer’s market since my local one closed for the season in October. Can’t wait for spring!

  2. I LOVE the Framer’s Market! Was it crazy-crowded?

    Agreed on the weather – I can’t believe it is supposed to be snowy again this week. I miss good outdoor runs.

  3. That farmer’s market rocks. I’ve never had a good experience with their breads though, always either rock hard or moldy within a day.

  4. The name dinosaur kale makes me laugh- I want to try it just because of the name ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. ahh i wish i had a farmers market nearby! so much loot for a great price!

  6. I love the concept of an indoor farmer’s market- rain or shineee!

  7. Oh I am so jealous! The farmer’s market’s here are pretty expensive. I actually stay away because I know I’ll buy fancy organic stuff I don’t need! I figure I support local farmers from my CSA.

    • The bad thing about this one is that it’s not local stuff at all. Farmer’s Market really is a misnomer, but that’s it’s actual name – Your Dekalb Farmer’s Market.

  8. Yum, that looks so good! I am definitely bookmarking that recipe.

    I wish we had an indoor farmer’s market here….that is an awesome idea!

  9. I love, love, LOVE the farmer’s market. I haven’t been since late-fall and I miss it sooo much. That and the springy weather…is winter over yet?? I’m SO with you on that…and the outdoor running in this stuff. Ick.

  10. What a great deal! If the farmer’s market wasn’t so far away, I’d hit it up…

    I need to do a 7 or 8 miler today, but I just can’t seemed to get motivated. It’s just too gloomy and cold! How did we train in this the last several years???

  11. Your farmers market sounds incredible! And Cinnamon Flatbreads? I’d be all over that. Soup is just so awesome this time of year. Its hard to stay away! Hope the run went well. I cannot run outdoors in cold weather. I just complain the whole way through ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. Nice haul girlfriend!! Especially for that price! A trip like that to Whole Foods would probably cost 200 bucks!

  13. What a great price for all of that stuff – wow! and so random that you ran into a college peep from so far away – love how small our world is!

  14. The Charleston farmer’s market prices are outta control. I can’t believe you got all that for $50! It seems like they have some really good stuff there too. I would never be able to find brown rice syrup at the CFA.

  15. I don’t know how you run in the cold? I love the farmer’s market bit rarely go since it isn’t that close. I need to go again soon though. Good luck with the glue. That job sucks.

  16. I wish I had a place like that near me! That’s an awesome deal — and so much stuff!!

    The soup you made looks/sound delicious!! I’ve never thought to make soup with quinoa before. But I’m actually in desperate need of new types of soup recipes. This one doesn’t look too tough or time consuming — I’ll have to try it!

    I hope the run/wallpaper stripping went well today!!

  17. Wow– I can’t believe that entire haul was less than 60 dollars!!!

  18. Great buys, indeed! Reading the list I was thinking it would be way more than that!

  19. I wish we had an awesome farmer’s market like that around here!

    I feel your pain about wallpaper glue. When we bought our condo — almost 6 years ago now — just about every surface was covered in wallpaper (even the ceilings in the bathrooms and kitchen, I kid you not), and it was no fun peeling all of that off the walls!

  20. Wish NH had something like that ๐Ÿ™‚

    I can’t wait to get home & try to find the new chobani flavors though – they sound so good!

  21. Wow, what an incredible deal! I’m so jealous! So nice that your farmer’s market is indoors too…I have to walk around in the FREEZING cold at mine!