A Real Southern Accent

When I did The Accent Vlog a couple days ago, a few people commented that I had a Southern accent. I’m from Maryland but have lived in Atlanta for eight and a half years. I generally don’t think I have a Southern accent, but I do hear myself saying certain words with a bit of a drawl on occasion. Jason, on the other hand, definitely has a Southern accent. He grew up in South Carolina.

Okay, that’s enough vlogs for a while. Back to regularly scheduled blogging shortly. Like in an hour after I have dinner shortly.


6 responses to “A Real Southern Accent

  1. HA! Your husband is such a trooper for doing this video for you. I love it!! And for the record, he DOES have a southern accent but you have a slight southern accent too, mmm hmmm 😉

  2. I had never heard the devil beating his wife thing until I watched Kath’s video today, and here it is again! Your hubby has quite the southern accent indeed! I am hoping to do my video tomorrow! 🙂

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  4. I love your hubby’s accent!! There is just something about a southern drawl (sp?).

  5. Oh cute…I like Jason’s voice too!! Keith has an extremely southern accent!!