The New Late Night

When I was in college and I guess for a while afterward, a common question between my friends and I was, “What are you doing late night? Let’s meet up late night.” Late night would usually consist of pizza and chicken wings in someone’s dorm room. At least in college, it would.

Things have changed a lot since then and late night doesn’t really exist for me anymore. Once in a blue moon, I’ll stay out until 1 or 2 am, but typically I’m ready for bed at 11pm, even on the weekends.

Eating an early dinner usually goes along with going to bed early. I’m typically very hungry when I get home from work and end up eating dinner by 6:15 or 6:30. Except when I have a yoga class at 7:30, like tonight.

I made what’s become my typical pre-yoga drink – fresh juice. Mr. Breville’s been getting some action lately.


This was one yellow apple, two carrots, half a cucumber, some romaine lettuce leaves and a quarter of a lemon in a Sweetwater glass. ATL represent.

Yoga was hard tonight. The class was pretty crowded which made the room feel hotter. I had to rest in child’s pose during one of the poses towards the end. The class was over at a little bit after nine and Kristy, Laura, Alayna and I stood around chatting for a while. I had to stop at Rite Aid and get Jason some sinus medicine after class and I didn’t get home until 10pm! Did I mention that the yoga studio is a 25 minute drive from my house? Pretty much everything is a 25 minute drive from my house. Well, everything but Applebee’s.

Fortunately, I’d set my rice cooker to cook some Basmati Brown Rice while I was at yoga. I like the Basmati variety but it takes forever to cook so I normally just do the quick cooking rice. But I figured I had the time, so why not. I’m glad that I did because when I got home, I was freakin’ starving.

I basically shoved a cookbook in Jason’s face and asked him to make Cuban Style Black Beans and Rice from the PDQ Vegetarian Cookbook while I showered.


And then I inhaled it. At 10:30. This is the new late night.


16 responses to “The New Late Night

  1. Oh god, do you live in the middle of nowhere? We onlyyy eat basmati rice I love itt!

  2. My inner night person has been keeping me up till 1-2 in the morning lately, and this shiz has to stop! I have too much to do to sleep in till 10 😀

  3. 10 is the absolute latest I can do these days. I’m such a sleepy head by 9 pm. I would have come home from that yoga and had a serious battle between eating or crashing in bed. LOL

  4. Omg… so sad, but so true. I will say that I don’t miss the mornings after my fun late night stops. 🙂

  5. I’m the same way about bed times….I was asleep before 10 last night haha
    That is one of my issues with yoga. Since there are no studios within walking distance of my house, classes always take up so much time!

  6. Ah late night pizza, I do miss that. Sometimes it still exists when we all roll in around 1 am and heat one up in the oven.

  7. I am usually going to bed now when I was just getting ready to go out in college 😉 Funny how time changes things. Glad yoga was so rocking! And what a fabulous veg dinner. Sorry I’ve been MIA! I will finally have a post up tomorrow morning!!

  8. I prefer my late nights to be not so late these days. 🙂

  9. I’ve been having unusually late nights, too! I’m so looking forward to tonight and going to bed at a decent hour. Sometimes its worth it though – the experience and memories are fun. 🙂 I’d say your “late night” meal looks amazing.

  10. HA! I feel that way about late night stuff too. Jeff and I eat dinner as early as 5:30 sometimes and I do not care. Yoga really got to me last night, I feel like someone beat me up!

  11. Haha, yep…gone are the days of “late night” for me too 🙂 Eh, I don’t mind! There’s something to be said for early to bed, early to rise. 🙂

  12. My idea of a late night is 11! Haha, I’m the only 21 year old I know that goes to bed at 10 and wakes up really early. Most people are going to bed when I like to get up!

  13. Wow that is late for dinner! Snacks are really the way to go so you’re not starving so late. Good for you for doing such a tough yoga class. I’m really loving my prenatal yoga classes.

  14. I eat at 6 pm every night haha.