Movie Weekend

On Friday night, Jason and I decided to go to Farm Burger for dinner. For some reason, in the past year or so, Atlanta has had an influx of burger places pop up. They usually have a veggie burger on the menu, so I am always game to try them. Plus, Jason loves burgers.


The restaurant was still crowded at 8:30pm. We managed to snag two spots at the bar. I had the veggie burger with a side salad and Jason had a regular burger with fries. While they were both good, we just weren’t that impressed. I really wished that they offered avocado for a topping. THey had all kinds of interesting topping choices, but no avocado. We were impressed, however, when our total bill came to $17.

After dinner, we decided to go to a bar since we were already in Decatur. First we tried Mac McGee’s – too crowded. Then we tried The Square Pub, which I guess is pretty new – also too crowded. So finally, we drove over to Twain’s and managed to find a table. But then no one came to serve us. We waited there for like 10 minutes before deciding to scrap the bar idea and get a Red Box movie instead.

One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to see more movies. I know it’s a silly thing to resolve to do, but it’s fun and enjoyable. Resolutions are usually about stopping doing bad things; I thought it would be fun to have a purely fun one in there.

Aside, from seeing more movies in general, I have a goal to see all the Oscar contender movies before the actual Oscar’s. I decided to do this when the nominations came out and I realized that I’d already seen half of them. Oddly enough, one that we hadn’t seen yet was The Socal Network, so we picked that up from the Red Box. And then, when I went to return it, I got Winter’s Bone.

Here’s what I’ve seen so far and the order that I liked them. I liked all of them, really, but if I had to list them, here they are:

1. 127 Hours
2. Black Swan
3. The Social Network
4. Winter’s Bone
5. Inception
6 Toy Story 3
7. The Fighter

Have you seen any of the Oscar contenders? What was your favorite?


23 responses to “Movie Weekend

  1. Yeah, Farm Burger confuses me a bit. The burgers are so greasy and while they offer some really interesting toppings, no avocado is a real miss. I almost never watch movies, I haven’t seen any of those yet!

  2. I’ve seen all of those BUT 127 hours, and I’m dying to see it before the Oscars! We just saw True Grit a few days ago and really enjoyed it.

  3. a former colleague and her husband own the square pub.

    one of my top decatur meals was a veggie pita at Brick Store…it was not nearly as healthy as it sounds but SOOO good. lots of dressing and feta. and good thick cut fries

  4. Yes, The King’s Speech – it was SO GOOD. I love Colin Firth so maybe I am biased…..but I hope he/it wins!

  5. My mother in law is obsessed with Farm Burger, she keeps saying she wants to take us to try it.

  6. I have Winter’s Bone on Netflix right now! I hope it’s good- I am on a mission to see every Oscar movie this year 🙂

  7. That place looks really cool, but I’m with you – avocado is necessary at a joint like that. I like that they had grass fed & onion rings!

  8. i’m scared of 127 hours! maybe i should bite the bullet and see it! i luuuuuved the social network!

  9. I got Inception from the Red Box last week. I thought it was confusing and boring. Honestly, I think Toy Story 3 held my attention better than Inception. Unfortunately, I have not seen anything else on your list.

  10. I haven’t seen a single one of those movies! I am horrible about staying caught up with them… I just don’t have time with work and school! 🙂

  11. I saw True Grit (LOVED it, but I’m a big time Western fan) and The King’s Speech (excellent as well but in a totally different way.)

    I also saw Winter’s Bone. I thought that movie was so great and it took a long time to get it out of my head. I love little movies that do such big things.

  12. I’ve only seen Inception, True Grit (which was really, really good), and Toy Story 3 for the best picture contenders.

  13. Josh is a huge burger fan too! I think we need more burger places in Charleston. I like your new years resolution! I need to focus on staying awake when we watch movies at home ;). I seem to always pass out. Hope you have a great Valentine’s day

  14. I’d say you are doing great on your NY resolution! I’ve only seen Black Swan and Social Network. I liked (not loved) both.

  15. I have TS3 right now, and sending it back soon hoping to get Social Network. I’m gonna hold off to see the scary ones when I can Netflix them, too… that way I can watch in broad daylight with lights on and the ability to pause haha.

  16. I love your idea to have a purely fun resolution. I love watching movies, too! I’ve only seen Black Swan and Toy Story 3, though. I really want to see King’s Speech. My parents saw it over the weekend and said it was amazing.

  17. I was completely blown away by both 127 Hours and the Fighter. I really hope that 127 Hours will win something, but I think the Fighter, the King’s Speech, and Black Swan are going to dominate everything :/

  18. Thanks for the movie recs. I think it’s great to add things as a resolution, not just take things away.

  19. You liked The Fighter the least? Really? You must
    explain!! I love that you are trying to see all the movies!!!