New Jeans

One day two weeks ago, I went to Filene’s Basement on my lunch break. I tried on a bunch of stuff, including a pair of jeans. I’m basically between two sizes. Really, that’s not true; I’m the bigger size of the two, although sometimes stuff fits the smaller size. I tried on the jeans in both sizes and the bigger size fit better. The smaller size fit, but they were tight.

I thought that since I’d started Weight Watchers, it would be stupid to buy the bigger size jeans. I also didn’t buy the smaller sized pair either. I left without anything.

I thought about those jeans all week. I really needed a new pair and I realized that I was being ridiculous for not buying them because they weren’t the size that I wanted to be. No one is going to know what size I’m wearing. If I can squeeze myself into the smaller size, they’re probably not going to look as good as the size that actually fits. I am going to be more comfortable if my clothes fit me correctly.

So I went back and bought them. In the bigger size. And if I lose weight and they’re too big, they were $40, it’s not a huge deal. Stacey and Clinton from What Not To Wear always tell you to dress for the body you have, not the body you want. I pass up a lot of clothes because I refuse to try on the bigger size. Size is just a number. A number that varies from brand to brand, at that. I refuse to let the size of my clothes make me feel bad about myself.


I probably should get them hemmed though.


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  1. The jeans look great–love the wash. Filene’s and Nordstrom Rack are my favorite places to buy jeans. Such a bargain!

  2. I do feel like Filene’s Basement has gone downhill since it was bought by Syms.

  3. Love the jeans! Good for you, I can totally relate. I have exactly ONE pair of work pants that fit me and the rest of the time I bitch about my pants that are either too big or too small. That one pair is a size bigger than I’d like them to be, but gosh darn it, I feel SO good when I wear them. Maybe I should take the hint…

  4. I’m glad you bought the jeans! They look great 🙂 And you have an awesome attitude. It’s silly how easy it is to get caught up on the number instead of looking at how they fit. I’ve done the same thing, which is ridiculous, because like you said – no one is ever going to know what size they are but you.

  5. I love those jeans! I’m jealous you have to get them hemmed – I have the opposite problem. 😉

    I have a hard time holding onto old clothes that are smaller sizes than now, even though I know I didn’t look good when I was that size. But you are right – NO one knows what size you are but you! I hate how some people put so much emphasis on size numbers. They can look different on everyone.

    Oh, and I start my job next Tuesday, and my last day at my current job is next Monday. I wish I had a break, but oh well!

  6. Those are cute jeans, and I really love the necklace. You look great!

  7. Lee, this is a random question…but is the Jason that you are married to Jason Becknell from Seneca by chance?? Wow…this is a small world! Yes, there is a half marathon in Seneca on March 19th! It the inaugural one…it should be either great fun or a huge mess.

  8. If you don’t like the number on the tag of your jeans, do something about it…….Rip it out! You look great in your jeans!

  9. The jeans look great! You were smart to go back and get ’em!

  10. When you buy clothing that fits, it actually makes you look thinner than wearing clothing that is too small for you.

    Those jeans look great on you. 🙂

  11. I was thinking about the exact quote from What Not To Wear while reading this. Great message and great post!

  12. Good for you! Its so easy for us ladies to get hung up on numbers! I think you look great 🙂 And if you lose the weight- a little hemming will work miracles!! Enjoy your week

  13. Cute jeans! Good for you for buying them in the size that fits you well. You look great!

  14. I’ve been avoiding shopping for new pants b/c of the exact reasons you mentioned in this post. I hate to put such value into a number, yet I allow it to mean so much to me. Instead, you’ve reminded me to be comfortable in the size I am now. A practice in much needed self love. Thanks lady 🙂

  15. You look great! And I have no idea what size they are. I’m several sizes larger than I was in high school and it took a while to get over the numbers, buy what fits!

  16. You look great in those jeans! And I get so caught up in clothing sizes too sometimes. Its a hard thing to let go of for some reason.

  17. I do the SAME thing. I pass up on so many clothes simply because the smaller size doesn’t fit. Now, I don’t need about 75% of those clothes so this is actually a good strategy for saving money, but still.

  18. There is something about a pair of jeans that truly fits that just supersedes the number on the jeans for me. I am big on comfort, and having a little belly squeezing over the waistband in the smaller size just isn’t comfy at all! 🙂

  19. Elizabeth Whitehill

    So glad you got them for yourself! I too have trouble with the numbers that really don’t give us value… You look super cute!

  20. You look so pretty, Lee! I’m glad you got the jeans. 🙂

  21. I’m the SAME way!!! I’m oftentimes between sizes, and I always want to get the smaller size, thinking that it will “inspire me” to lose a few pounds and fit into them…but it doesn’t! It just makes me feel like a failure when the piece of clothing never fits. I’ve finally learned to buy for whatever size that I am NOW– regardless of what size it says on the tag.

  22. Great WNTW lesson! I totally agree on that but would also be tempted to buy the smaller ones just in case 😉 But um you don’t need WW! You look great!!

  23. They look great! I try not to get stressed about the number on my jeans- every brand is different 🙂

  24. Stacy and Clinton would be proud! You look great in your new jeans. I’m glad you went back for them. Who cares what size they are! I feel like my size is different from store to store, so I really don’t fret too much if I have to go up a size or two before something fits.

  25. You are an inspiration. You wrote down what so many of us go through buying clothes (jeans, especially). Thanks for sharing.

  26. I have felt the same way shopping at times. But if you feel good in the jeans, look great as you do and need them there is def no reason to wait.

  27. The jeans look awesome! And good for you for not getting hung up on the whole “my body is a size” thing! As long as you look great and feel confident, that’s all that matters!

  28. love the post, and love the jeans 🙂

  29. Those jeans look GREAT on you. I think we are all guilty of doing that though and you’re right about Stacy and Clinton they DO always say that. And you know dressing your body always makes you look better than dressing your body in something that doesn’t fit. I am guilty of always buying things too big and baggy. I hate tight clothing and then when I see pictures of myself I always look frumpy. I really need to get over my “I hate tight clothes” fear.

  30. Those jeans look awesome on you! I’m glad you went back and bought them. Sizing really is so weird these days- I feel like there are no guidelines for each size. It really is just a number- good for you for seeing that 😀