Nut Butter Fail

For whatever reason, I like to bake or cook on Sunday nights. It’s a relaxing way to end the weekend and I have food for the upcoming week. Last night, I tried my hand at homemade nut butter. I’ve tried to make nut butter in the past but never really got past the finely crushed nut stage. Last night, I combined some raw cashews with some shredded coconut and a drizzle of agave. And processed. And processed. And processed. I ran the food processor for at least ten minutes and it never really got liquidy. It was more like the consistency of a larabar.


The coconut really made it oily which you’d think would help with the consistency, but it didn’t. Semi-fail. My food processor is old and the blade is dull. That could have been it.

Jason’s been really wanting to go to this restaurant, The Blue Ribbon Grill, near our house. We live outside of the city and the restaurants near us, besides Mellow Mushroom, don’t typically cater to someone that prefers healthy, mostly vegetarian fare. But since I usually have more say in where we go, I told Jason I’d go wherever he wanted. He was really hoping Blue Ribbon Grill was like Merlotte’s in True Blood. What do you think?


Living in Atlanta is different than living in the rest of Georgia. This definitely felt like the rest of Georgia. That said, the food was very good. I had a salad with crab cakes on top.


I was good. I compromised and let Jason choose! Now it’s my turn to pick the restaurant again, right?


16 responses to “Nut Butter Fail

  1. It could be the coconut. That stuff is a B*tch to process. Trust me, I’ve tried making fresh coconut butter 1 too many times!

  2. Hmmm…that fail looks pretty tasty still! Could you form bars with it?

  3. Well, it still sounds/looks tasty. I would put that cashew butter fail on oatmeal, toast, and fruit. Yum.

  4. Still looks good to me! I bet it would taste great in some hot oatmeal!

    Mmm, I love crab cakes! Too funny about the restaurant looking like Merlotte’s! Did you ask them for a Trueblood? Lol

  5. I would still eat it 🙂 I am scared to try to make my own nut butter though because my food processor isn’t strong, so I have a feeling it would turn out very similar!

  6. Join the club with the nut butter fails!! I swear, it’s not as easy as it looks. It may very well be your food processor. My mother has an addiction to buying really terrible, cheap appliances and I couldn’t even make hummus in hers. It was very sad.

    Mmmm….crab cakes. That looks divine.

  7. It does resemble Merlotte’s…scary and cool at the same time!

  8. Sorry the nut butter didn’t turn out. That’s one of those things I’ve really wanted to try making myself, but my food processor is old and awful so I’m afraid. It still sounds like it would taste good though! Knowing me, I’d probably use that as an excuse to eat it by the spoonful. 🙂

  9. “The rest of Georgia” Lol. I know what you mean. I can’t get a mile outside the perimeter without feeling like I’ve entered another universe. Sorry the nut butter didn’t work. I haven’t tried to make any myself yet, mainly because after 10 minutes of running the food processor Jeff would undoubtedly kill me.

  10. “It was more like the consistency of a larabar.”

    Not a failure in my mind!! Spread that goodness on a graham cracker or make little balls out of it!! 🙂

  11. I love to cook/bake on Sunday nights too, it’s when I like to do any bulk cooking that I want to do for the week. And I would LOVE to find a bar that looks like Merlotte’s. That would be awesome!

  12. I wonder if you could turn your fail into something like Gina’s amazeballs?

  13. I feel you pain. My blender is *supposed* to be able to make nut butter, but when I tried, it never got creamy either. I don’t think it’s us, but rather our equipment. 😉 I’d keep it anyway and throw it into a smoothie.