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Nut Butter Fail

For whatever reason, I like to bake or cook on Sunday nights. It’s a relaxing way to end the weekend and I have food for the upcoming week. Last night, I tried my hand at homemade nut butter. I’ve tried to make nut butter in the past but never really got past the finely crushed nut stage. Last night, I combined some raw cashews with some shredded coconut and a drizzle of agave. And processed. And processed. And processed. I ran the food processor for at least ten minutes and it never really got liquidy. It was more like the consistency of a larabar.


The coconut really made it oily which you’d think would help with the consistency, but it didn’t. Semi-fail. My food processor is old and the blade is dull. That could have been it.

Jason’s been really wanting to go to this restaurant, The Blue Ribbon Grill, near our house. We live outside of the city and the restaurants near us, besides Mellow Mushroom, don’t typically cater to someone that prefers healthy, mostly vegetarian fare. But since I usually have more say in where we go, I told Jason I’d go wherever he wanted. He was really hoping Blue Ribbon Grill was like Merlotte’s in True Blood. What do you think?


Living in Atlanta is different than living in the rest of Georgia. This definitely felt like the rest of Georgia. That said, the food was very good. I had a salad with crab cakes on top.


I was good. I compromised and let Jason choose! Now it’s my turn to pick the restaurant again, right?


Long Run – Done

On Thursday night, I met my friend Jamie at Deckard’s American Tavern, a new bar in Midtown. (I wrote a review on Yelp, if any local people are interested.) Deckard’s happens to be in the same shopping center as Whole Foods, so after dinner, I made a quick pit-stop. Shopping for food after a couple glasses of wine usually results in buying some random stuff.


I had a chance to try out these items before yesterday’s nine mile run. I mixed with oatmeal with the yogurt and put a tablespoon of flaxseed on top.


The oatmeal was good, although with 12 grams of sugar, it’s not something that I would buy regularly. The yogurt was meh. I wouldn’t buy it again. Murphy, on the other hand, was literally licking his chops at the sight of it.


Joan and I decided to go to the Silver Comet Trail to run. We met around 12:45. The weather was perfect. I was in a t-shirt and shorts. The Silver Comet Trail is always a pretty place to run and there were a lot of people out enjoying the weather.

We ended up walking for the first mile. We were talking and neither of us is very good at talking while we run. It’s a skill that I really would like to acquire. After we passed mile marker 1, we ran to 4.5 and stopped and turned around.


(Old picture, but you get the gist)

We were running pretty slowly, but my legs were definitely feeling it. Maybe because I skipped my tempo run this week? I don’t know. I definitely felt like I was running way faster than I actually was. When we turned around, I had a GU and that did help give me some energy. Miles 4.5-8 were fine and I felt good but the last mile seemed to really drag on. After what felt like an hour, but was really like 11 minutes, we made it to the trailhead and were done.

Next week’s long run is actually a 10K. My first race of 2011!

Movie Weekend

On Friday night, Jason and I decided to go to Farm Burger for dinner. For some reason, in the past year or so, Atlanta has had an influx of burger places pop up. They usually have a veggie burger on the menu, so I am always game to try them. Plus, Jason loves burgers.


The restaurant was still crowded at 8:30pm. We managed to snag two spots at the bar. I had the veggie burger with a side salad and Jason had a regular burger with fries. While they were both good, we just weren’t that impressed. I really wished that they offered avocado for a topping. THey had all kinds of interesting topping choices, but no avocado. We were impressed, however, when our total bill came to $17.

After dinner, we decided to go to a bar since we were already in Decatur. First we tried Mac McGee’s – too crowded. Then we tried The Square Pub, which I guess is pretty new – also too crowded. So finally, we drove over to Twain’s and managed to find a table. But then no one came to serve us. We waited there for like 10 minutes before deciding to scrap the bar idea and get a Red Box movie instead.

One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to see more movies. I know it’s a silly thing to resolve to do, but it’s fun and enjoyable. Resolutions are usually about stopping doing bad things; I thought it would be fun to have a purely fun one in there.

Aside, from seeing more movies in general, I have a goal to see all the Oscar contender movies before the actual Oscar’s. I decided to do this when the nominations came out and I realized that I’d already seen half of them. Oddly enough, one that we hadn’t seen yet was The Socal Network, so we picked that up from the Red Box. And then, when I went to return it, I got Winter’s Bone.

Here’s what I’ve seen so far and the order that I liked them. I liked all of them, really, but if I had to list them, here they are:

1. 127 Hours
2. Black Swan
3. The Social Network
4. Winter’s Bone
5. Inception
6 Toy Story 3
7. The Fighter

Have you seen any of the Oscar contenders? What was your favorite?

Dinner Club: Market at W

Once a month, Jason and I go out to dinner three other couples. Each month, one couple gets to choose the restaurant. It’s a really fun way to try new restaurants and keep up with friends. This month was Erin and Baha’s turn to pick the restaurant.


Erin knows the GM at Market, so she arranged for our group to enjoy a 5-course dinner! Though it was a bit pricier than I’m used to, we were allowed to bring our own wine, so that cut down on the cost tremendously. We were seated in a small private room.


Erin had made sure that I would be able to get something that I could eat for each course. I didn’t take many pictures because I sometimes feel like it’s a little awkward in big groups. But I can tell you about the courses!

First up was a piece of tuna sashimi in a ponzu sauce. Then we had a roasted red and golden beet salad with goat cheese. After that, we had a piece of cod and then it was time for the main course. Everyone else had lamb chops and I had ravioli with sauteed spinach, broccoli rabe and roasted cauliflower. Everything was delicious.

I did capture a picture of the dessert.


The waiter put three dishes of three desserts each on the table. They were chocolate cake, cheesecake with sorbet and banana cake. I dominated the cheesecake.

All in all, a fun dinner with good friends. I am so glad that we started doing this. Jason and my month is in March, so we’ll have to figure out a good place to go.

Dinner with Husbands

A few weeks ago, Alayna and I decided that we should get together with our husbands. We both live relatively near each other and like to go to a lot of the same places. We were going to go last week, but the snow made it impossible, so last night we met up at The Brick Store in Decatur.


The Brick Store is a cool bar with a ton of craft and belgian beers on tap. Like most Atlanta bars, they do offer a veggie burger, but I’ve had it before and only thought it was so-so, so I went with my other usual choice. Hummus. I often get hummus for an entree at restaurants. Sometimes I pair it with a salad but usually not. It’s most always enough food, although I had a lot of pita left over.


We stayed there for about three hours just chatting about stuff, sometimes blog related, sometimes not.


Both Jason and I had a really good time, although I was quickly reminded this morning why I don’t normally drink three beers on a Monday night. My head doesn’t exactly hurt but I just do not feel well this morning. I’m going to try to hydrate very well today and then sweat out the toxins at hot yoga tonight. We’ll see how that goes.

All Kinds of Random Thoughts

I was a pescatarian, meaning I only ate fish and seafood and no other meat, for something like six years. Then I briefly ate chicken again, went fully vegetarian and finally settled on pescatarianism again.

But I’ve noticed something. I seem to have lost the taste for seafood. Two of the things that I really missed when I was vegetarian were sushi and mussels. I have had sushi a handful of times since then and it seems like half the time I feel sick in the middle of the night and the other half, I just don’t like it as much.

My friend Jamie and I went to Twains on Thursday night for dinner and I ordered mussels.


Granted, it might not have been the best idea to order mussels from a brewery. But I didn’t think about that and ordered them anyway and they were gross. Now, I know that mussels can be bad and maybe these were, but I’m seeing a pattern here when it comes to eating seafood. I don’t really like it.

Maybe I’m destined to be a vegetarian. Or maybe I should stop trying to label my eating habits.

We’re supposed to get a huge snowstorm here tomorrow night. Huge being 6 inches. Considering the fact that Atlanta pretty much shuts down when we get one inch of snow, it’ll be really interesting to see what happens if we actually get six. Honestly, I’m a bit apprehensive. Not because I’m worried about the actual snow, I like snow, but because if it does snow, Jason will have to go into work and work some crazy amount of hours (he works for the news station) and I worry about him driving and all of that. Plus, I won’t get to see him much. It’s put me in a bad mood all day.

Despite my mood, I decided to risk it and go grocery shopping. Surprisingly, Kroger wasn’t that much of a madhouse. It was busier than a typical Saturday night, but not too bad considering the Snowpocolypse that we’re supposed to be getting. While other people filled their carts with bread and milk, I filled mine with Lee emergency necessities – refried beans, salsa, Vitamin Water Zero, Brussels Sprouts, Broccoli, Veggie Burgers and diet coke for Jason.

When I got home, I realized that I hadn’t planned very well and didn’t really have much to make a proper dinner, so I made a Mexican casserole of sorts.


Cheese, refried beans, corn, salsa, baked chips, avocado and olives. I realize that while this isn’t particularly high in calories, it’s not the most healthy of meals. Where are my vegetables? I should have cooked my emergency brussels sprouts and broccoli to go with it.

Dinner with Kristy and Laura

I had dinner tonight with Kristy and Laura (who used to blog) at
R. Thomas.
I hadn’t been to R. Thomas in years. It is one of those restaurants that I have always liked but just never really think of. I’d met Laura twice previously and neither one of us had met Kristy before, but we all got along like old friends. It’s so funny how that happens. Laura and I ordered the same thing – the Thai express. The waiter said it was his favorite thing on the menu and that he went for two years before he even tried anything else. Sold! It came with either chicken or tempeh, but I asked for tofu instead. I’ve tried to make myself like tempeh but I’ve come to the realization that I just don’t.


The food was really good and we ended up sitting around chatting for a long time after we finished eating. We all said that we need to do these dinners more often.


And trying to take a picture in the mirror.


Fun times!

On Sunday night, I decided to make my own oven-dried tomatoes. They were good but they took like 4 hours to dry out. In my opinion, I’d rather just buy sun-dried tomatoes.


I also made a couscous salad.


Italian Couscous Salad
Serves 2

1/2 cup whole wheat pearl couscous
1.25 cups water
1/2 green pepper, diced
1/2 cucumber, seeded and diced
1/2 tomato, seeded and diced
1 small can sliced olives
1 tbsp Ken’s Northern Italian Light Dressing
2 tbsp crumbled goat cheese

1. Cook couscous in water according to directions. I used a rice cooker, but you don’t have to.
2. Cool couscous in refrigerator and when cooled, mix with veggies.
3. Mix with salad dressing and goat cheese.
4. Eat